In Baghdad, posters urge Christians to wear the veil "like the Virgin Mary"

Sunday, December 13, in Baghdad in Iraq, the inhabitants discovered posters representing the Virgin Mary, plastered on their houses. We can read a message inviting Christian women to wear the veil. "Like the Virgin Mary"

LThe posters in question are said to be produced by Shiite militias. They were stuck on the houses of Christian families but also on the walls of churches and monasteries. The operation took place in several districts of Baghdad such as Zayouna, Ghadir and Karrada, where the population is predominantly Shiite.

On the poster, we can read the following message:

“Stop and think. To all our very respectable Christian sisters, The Virgin Mary was veiled because she followed the law of the prophet, and because this law comes from a single divine source. Only Satan does not accept it. You have to imitate the Virgin Mary. So why don't you wear the veil? ”

The reactions are very strong among the Christian population who feel threatened by this pirate advertising campaign: "It is very worrying for Christians to see themselves threatened in this way in their freedom to dress but also for all of Iraqi society", explains Monsignor Sako.

“Every day, they invent a new measure. They do not let us breathe, even the Shiites want to create an Islamic State rid of its minorities in Iraq ”.

Hana Salioh, an Iraqi woman explains her feelings:

"When they put such a picture on the door of your house and that of your church, the militiamen want to mean that your place is not among them."

Faraj Benoit Camurat, president of Fraternity in Iraq, is alarmed:

“The Iraqi government must take action to protect its minorities. Christians are traumatized by Daesh, and it is not by letting such messages spread that they will feel protected and accepted. ”

It is indeed not the first time that Christians have been threatened in Iraq: last June, more than 3.000 Christians had to leave their homes in Mosul after the capture of the city by the jihadists of Daesh.

Elodie Crepin

Source: Le Figaro , La Croix

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