In textbook, ISIS advises jihadist candidates to look like Christians

The so-called "Islamic State" has published a manual intended for its sympathizers and jihad soldiers, wishing to commit massacres in the West in an unorganized or coordinated manner. The name of this e-book, Lone wolf mujahideen, the lone wolf mujahideen, says enough about its content.

he candidate for jihad, not belonging to any network, can learn how to evolve in Western societies without arousing suspicion, and integrate himself perfectly so as to succeed in the most deadly terrorist act possible.

We can fear that the terrorists of November 13 may have belonged to this movement.

One of the major tips in this document is:

Pretend to be a Christian, shave your beard, and wear a cross.

In this way, Daesh effectively wreaks havoc. The organization therefore pursues its goal by pitting communities against each other. Gradually, the terrorist risk is no longer so clearly identifiable and at the same time, suspicion and fear of others are gaining ground. My Christian brother, once a Muslim, is he really sincere? My neighbor of North African origin with a well-groomed look, wouldn't he play a role?

Doubt, fear, rejection then become the ideal breeding ground for grudges and hatred to stir up, and for us to write the dark pages of our history again. Without denying the real risk and the atrocities committed by the Islamists, may the Holy Spirit enlighten us and accompany us, to be real witnesses of Christ in this troubled time.


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