“I forgave my rapist”

Usually when a message reaches her from a stranger, Elise ignores it and goes back to her occupations.

MBut this time, the written text seemed familiar to her, it seemed to her to come from a friend, from someone she knew. She accepts a telephone conversation, then a first date and a second. It is that evening that this man will rape Elise ...

“I felt worthless, completely devalued, and filthy, like there wasn't enough soap in the world to make me feel clean.”

A few weeks later, Elise buys a pregnancy test. It turns out to be positive. Confusion then seizes her, because the young woman fully understands that what happens will forever change her life, her world, without being able to imagine the consequences of the earthquake that has just occurred in her life.

“I had to hear from the Lord. I couldn't survive without him giving me a few words of encouragement, I guess… I just needed him to talk to me, and he did. ”

Even though her future takes on a completely different perspective, even though she is tried, crushed like never before, Elise knows that life is never an accident.

“Babies are not accidents… I have never regretted for a second that I chose life for my daughter.”

When her daughter was born, Elise then discovered an incredible love. She feels for her daughter a love that she had never felt before. For her, this baby this child is the symbol of hope, inspiration and what God does if you let him work.

Then, throughout its restoration process, a passage from the Bible keeps coming back. That of Jesus on the cross, forgiving his executioners ...

“Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

Little by little, she begins to see this man, this rapist, as a creature of God, made in his image, a sinner, for whom Jesus died on the cross.

“How could I be in a posture of not forgiveness? I have sinned… In my personal history, God has always been there. He is bigger and smarter than the enemy, and more loving than we can understand. ”

Elise made the choice of forgiveness and is now raising her daughter with dedication, in a home filled with love.


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