Actor with a sulphurous reputation Shia Labeouf declares "I have become a Christian"

Shia Labeouf, better known for his escapades and excesses displayed in the celebrity press than for his spiritual approach, would have made a meeting with God during the filming of the film Fury.

They of a drug dealer, enfant terrible expelled from different schools, the young Shia has always been fascinated by the wounded heroes, played by Steven Seagall or Sean Penn. The actor says he grew up in some kind of chaos and says:

“The only things I'm good at seem to be negative things. "

However, when journalist Elvis Mitchell asks him about his role as a man of faith that he plays in the film Fury, Shia responds with great sincerity and recounts his encounter with God.

“I think God is all the rage! I became a Christian during the shoot, and not in a light way. Quite the contrary, in a very real way. "

“I had a real encounter that really saved me. You can't understand it if you don't live it. It is about a profound change of heart, of a surrender. "

The actor tells how Brad Pitt and David Syers, the director and screenwriter of the film, accompanied him in his spiritual journey.

He thus evokes the religious origins of Brad Pitt's family and describes how he rejected them to lead to a spirituality without a name. As for Syers, Shia describes him as "a complete follower of Christianity".

“These two diametrically opposed positions have led me to the same point. I really learned from these two men. "


source: InterviewMagazine

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