Joyce Meyer's sermons now available for streaming on Netflix!

C 'is therefore official, the Netflix platform now offers its 75 million users worldwide, a different type of content. The sermons of 4 American ministries, Joyce Meyer, Ed Young, Steven Furtick and Andy Stanley, will now be available on Netflix.

Pastor Ed Young said so on the site Religion News :

“I believe if Jesus were physically on planet Earth today, he would be on Netflix. "

For the pastor, this partnership with Netflix is ​​a surprising and unprecedented convergence between evangelical faith and popular media. It constitutes an extraordinary means of evangelization, making it possible to reach a wider public.

“Jesus exhorted us to become fishers of men. If I want to catch a lot of fish, I have to put a lot of hooks in the water. "

The other 3 speakers on Netflix will therefore be as follows:

  • Steven Furtick, will speak about identity, in the program "#DeathToSelfie".
  • Pastor Andy Stanley will discuss the challenges at work in the “Starting Over” program.
  • Evangelical icon Joyce Meyer will preach on the battles of life in the “Winning Life's Battle” program.

These 4 departments all have media teams, YouTube channels and are very active on social media to connect with their listeners.

Paul Huse, Executive Director of Marketing for Joyce Meyer Ministries, said the entire Joyce team was happy to be part of the project.

“Even though we are already on six or seven cable networks, more and more people are turning away from this media and we want to meet them where they are. "

Netflix is ​​therefore expanding its offer of Christian content or related to the faith. The site has already listed 104 of these films, series or shows on the streaming platform.


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