Ethiopia: Workitu's martyrdom leads her children to Jesus

Workitu became a Christian in August. From that moment, silently, as it too often happens to Christians in Ethiopia, she suffered violence from her husband.

Workitu lives south of the capital. She is the mother of 3 children aged 10 to 20. In August, she turns to Jesus. From then on, his persecution begins. Her husband beats her regularly. The community around her continues to threaten her so that she returns to Islam.

Workitu shared this with the leaders of his church, who encouraged him to speak to the authorities. In a letter, she tells them what she is going through. She explains to them that she fears for her life. But his cry will be ignored.

In March, she died after being beaten by her husband. But her excruciating death was a seed of life for her children. Two of them, Mustafa and Kedir, wanted to know more about this Jesus that their mother loved. They became closer to the leaders of the church and are now Christians. As was another villager, friend of Workitu.

An evangelist reports:

“Her death was honored by the transformed lives of her children. I know she would have been so happy to see her children follow Jesus. "


source: Open doors usa

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