Eritrea: 15 years of appalling persecution

May was a terrible month for Eritrean Christians, who were the subject of massive repression.

En January 2017, Pope Francis spoke of the " globalization of indifference ". And it is with indifference that Christians have suffered appalling persecution since 2002 in Eritrea. The words of President Issayas Afewerki, noted by Reporters Without Borders, are radically explicit:

“Those who think there will be democracy in this country may think so in another world. "

A raid was launched during a prayer meeting, 6 men and 4 women were captured. Others were taken from their own homes. Still others, who had gathered in a rural area, were arrested. Among them, a 3 year old child. Elsewhere, during a wedding, 79 were arrested. A baby was imprisoned with his mother.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide speaks of 3000 detained Christians, most of them Protestants.

“Torture is widespread in remand centers. Prisoners are held in inhumane conditions, such as metal containers, underground cells or in desert areas surrounded by barbed wire and thorns. There are testimonies of women, beaten on the soles of the feet and the stomach, to prevent them from bearing their children. There are also reports of people who died as a result of torture or after being refused treatment because they did not want to deny their faith. "

A refugee, Dawit, says:

“There is neither law nor justice. When I was living in Eritrea, I was arrested because I was a Christian. That's why I left. In Eritrea, all Christians risk prison. "

He was detained for over a month in prison and a forced labor camp. Dawit was tortured and had to sleep with his feet and hands tied behind his back.

Doctor Berhane Asmelash was also detained. His words are clear:

“Eritrea is like a gigantic prison. The country is filled with jails, concentration camps and prisons. It's like North Korea, but in Africa. "

hilt can not forget the cries of his sister, beaten to death by the guards.

“We were held in underground cells. Sometimes the guards put us both in metal containers to torture us. It was terribly hot during the day, and at night it was so cold. We didn't have much to eat and no medicine. The guards offered to leave. But for that, we had to deny our faith. We refused. "


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