Down syndrome, yes, but above all happy and full of love! World Down Syndrome Day

Formerly Mongolians, then Down's Syndrome, or people with Down syndrome, one thing is certain, many of these children and adults with this disability are real sunshine for those who rub shoulders with them. Honor to you!

Nur society is often afraid of being different, our fellow citizens generally do not know how to behave in front of a person with a disability. I have known many children, adolescents or adults with Down's syndrome. And I have a number of memories, some a little sad, but most often tender, happy or even very funny!

My friends with Down's syndrome are very fond of music and dancing, and it is a real pleasure to sing and dance with them. You shouldn't be too attached to the score or the lyrics, but their joie de vivre is worth even more!

Honor to your slant-eyed friends who are always ready to kiss! Your presence is an encouragement to love life too!

Elisabeth dugas

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