Daesh militants expose 5 crucified bodies to assert control over Mosul

ISIS placed five crucified bodies at a crossroads in Mosul on Tuesday, November 8, to send the message that the organization still controls Iraq's second largest city.

Sccording to Reuters, residents have reportedly revealed the murder by the terrorist group in recent days of at least 20 people suspected of transmitting information to "the enemy". According to residents, activists are patrolling the streets to enforce the wearing of Islamist beards on men in the city. Strength Hisba is the "morality police unit" which enforces Islamist law. The unit bans tobacco, western clothing. Women must wear the veil and gloves. Some residents of Mosul believe that the organization wants to prove its presence after having disappeared for ten days, especially on the eastern shore.

"I saw five corpses of young men who had been crucified at the junction of the road in eastern Mosul"

The activists legitimize the deaths of these men, declaring that they were agents of the "infidel forces" and apostates. The display of these crucified bodies is seen as a warning to potential informants.

Activists are also seeking to cut off Mosul residents from communication networks. At 65, a retired police officer was forced to surrender his phone Sim card just as he was going to withdraw his pension.


Source: Christian times

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