A Daesh leader with murder plan, transformed by the grace of Jesus

Muhammad, a top Daesh leader, once called the Christian satellite TV channel, Leading The Way, in order to meet one of the team members.

PFor security reasons, the channel has a fairly strict procedure for meeting viewers with its crews, but that day Peter * discerns the voice of God, and remains convinced that this meeting will be different. He chooses to go above the established rules and agrees to meet Muhammad *.

“This time is different. Go meet this man and be bold with him. "

On the occasion of their meeting, Peter passionately proclaims the message of the Gospel to Muhammad. The two men then separated, but God had not finished with the activist.

In a dream, the Lord revealed himself to Muhammad who received great conviction. The activist shaved his beard, a symbol of his dedication to radical Islam, decided to follow Christ and requested a further interview with Peter.

"Peter, I have a confession… When we first met, I intended to kill you." I am sorry. "

He then fell face down and implored Jesus' forgiveness.

The former head of Daesh is now a brother in Christ. He was converted a few weeks ago, was baptized and is already serving the Lord in his community.

Only God can change the heart of a Daesh leader.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel: it is a power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes, first of the Jew, then of the Greek, because in him the righteousness of God is revealed by faith and by faith, as it is written: The righteous shall live by faith.
1 Romans: 16-17

* The first names have been changed for security reasons.


Transcription of the testimony of Michaël Youssef, Ph.D., for LeadingTheWay 

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