China: Pastor Joseph Gu is in "black prison" for defending the presence of crosses on churches

Reverend Gu, senior pastor of a state-approved mega-church 200 km from Shanghai, has been imprisoned since February 4. His crime? Having dared to criticize the latest government measures against Chinese churches.

LPastor Gu Yuese must have surprised the Chinese authorities in this country where contestation is inadmissible, especially from the head of the largest “official” Protestant church, which has an assembly of more than 10000 faithful. According to the Christian organization China Aid, he is at risk of ill-treatment in the classified “black” prison where he was located, after being dismissed from his post on 18 and then kidnapped on 27 January. The China Christian Daily magazine invites us to intercede for him:

"Pray to the Lord to help Pastor Gu to keep his faith in the face of adversity, and to stand firm in the face of the trials of the cross."

In many countries of the world, crosses are omnipresent in the landscape, on churches, at the bend of a road or visible from afar at the top of a mountain. In wood, metal, simple assembly or the work of an unknown artist, their symbol, a little obsolete in the eyes of some, is nevertheless one of the visible signs of the Christian presence in the history of humanity.

But when China, to name but one, undertakes a systematic demolition of more than 1800 crosses, we are ready to react in the name of respect for others and their faith.

Pray for Pastor Gu, his family and his church, and for all Chinese Christians.

Elisabeth dugas

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