China: 70 Christian families from Yang Jia adopt 170 children from orphanage

Robert Glover, founder of the Christian organization Care for Children, had a dream: to see Chinese children leave orphanages to be looked after by local and loving families.

Il is encouraged by Bear Grylls, known for his show Man Versus Wild : “Every child deserves to have his own family. I am proud to be the ambassador of Care for Children and to be their partner in seeing their vision of returning a million orphans to loving families come to fruition. "

The inhabitants of the village of Yang Jia were deeply touched by the passage in the Bible which speaks of taking care of the widow and the orphan. This revelation is the starting point of an adventure that will have repercussions even in the Chinese government.

70 families, all Christians, from the same village, decided to adopt 170 children, from the same orphanage. 99% of these children were physically or mentally disabled.

“It was a dream come true for me,” says Robert Glover, “to see not only mothers and fathers, but also brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, a whole family, a whole community, come together. "

Following this action, which continues, the Chinese government decided in 2014 to recognize that “family placement is a better alternative than placement in an orphanage. "

“A great historic awakening is taking place in China right now. And it takes place as we place these children in families. Not surprisingly, these families are Christians. "


Photo credit: Joan Vila

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