Celine Dion is getting ready for her last Christmas with her cancer-stricken husband

Éline Dion is preparing for her last Christmas with her husband, who has cancer, "He wants to die in my arms," ​​confides the star. Celine Dion was born into a conservative Catholic family, she said of her voice:

I think God gave me something to work with, a voice, and I'm just trying to use that to convey messages through lyrics and music.

This faith in God has become more blurred over the years, less personal. For Céline, it was believing that was important. Whether it's believing in joy, a flower or a loved one. She said recently from this perspective:

"If you don't believe in something then it's like you're not quite alive." "

Perhaps through the ordeal she has been going through with her children for several months, she will rediscover a more personal faith in a real and living God. Her husband René is indeed suffering from cancer, which seems irremediable.

“He wants to die in my arms. "

International star Celine Dion, 47, has returned to sing at the infamous 'Strip' in Las Vegas. After taking a year's break to take care of her husband René Angélil, 73, who until now is still battling throat cancer.

“I didn't want to be there at first, I didn't need to be there. Don't make me say what I didn't say, I really love to sing, but I have priorities, ”
Céline told USA Today.

The couple are preparing for this last Christmas together. Celine Dion has revealed that nothing makes her husband happier than seeing his wife shine on stage.

“René really gave me a gift: my mourning, it was this year by his side that I lived it. I think I understood that. When it hits me, it hits me. My biggest task today is to tell him that we are fine, that I will take care of our children. You will see us from another 'spot' ”.

Celine said her husband is emotionally vulnerable, and it helps her to talk about it. “We asked the doctors, very often, how much time did he have left, 3 weeks? 3 months ? René wants to know. But they said they didn't know. So I asked him:

Are you scarred ? Tell me about it! And René said to me "I want to die in your arms", and I replied: "Very well, I will be there. "

Her husband's long illness has had a big impact on Celine's life, but she has chosen to stay strong because she believes strength and confidence are what her husband needs the most.

“Basically you have two choices. You watch your husband very sick, there is nothing you can do to help him and it is killing you. Or, you look at your very sick husband, and you say: It's okay, I got it, I'm here and it's going to be okay. Your knees will shake one day, but when someone you love is shrinking every day and needs your help, now is not the time to cry after, yes, but not now. "
she said finally.

We can only salute Celine Dion's decision and be associated with her courage.


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