Camille's editorial of October 13: A liberating message!

In his latest book, “Is the Bible sexist? " published by Empreinte editions, theologian Valérie Duval-Poujol tackles this essential question of gender equality. 

Questioned by InfoChrétienne, she returns to the genesis of her book and invites us to seek answers with a theological and exegetical approach. Despite the patriarchal culture in which she is rooted, the theologian believes that the Bible conveys a positive and liberating message towards women, to (re) discover in this biblical journey.

Among the many messages that the Bible conveys, the Reverend George Garrison, senior pastor of Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Warrenville, Illinois, highlights that of caring for refugees.

Welcoming the afghans who left their country after the withdrawal of American forces and the seizure of power by the Taliban is a major undertaking for which the Church of George Harrison is mobilizing.

“We recognize that we are so blessed. We are in such a position of advantage here. And when people come and have nothing, we respond out of love and compassion, ”reports the American pastor.

Discover the docufiction "Faustina, Apostle of Mercy" offered by SAJE Distribution which is now available on VOD and DVD.

It tells the mystical life of Faustina Kowalska, a Polish nun to whom Christ revealed himself on several occasions to entrust her with transmitting to the whole world the message of his divine mercy.

Of course, the message of the Bible is also a message of love. 

In 2015, a white supremacist, Dylann Roof, entered the Methodist Church in Charleston, North Carolina. He opened fire on the faithful gathered for a Bible study, killing 9 people in the black community.

Chris Singleton lost his mother that day, five years later he testifies to having chosen forgiveness because "love is stronger than hatred". He claims that Jesus has become the rock on which he leans.

Today's news reminds us of several messages transmitted by the Bible. A liberating message for women, a welcome message for strangers, a message of his mercy and finally a message of love. An invitation to (re) dive into the Scriptures!

Camille Westphal Perrier

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