97% of Afghans below the poverty line by 2022?

According to a recent United Nations assessment, Afghanistan is "on the brink of universal poverty".

The UNDP, United Nations Development Program, has just made a rapid assessment on "The economic instability and uncertainty in Afghanistan after August 15". Their observation is clear, Afghanistan is on the verge of universal poverty.

"Up to 97% of the population is at risk of falling below the poverty line," explains the UNDP press release, before continuing, “unless a response to the country's political and economic crises is urgently launched”.

Limited data and the constant evolution of the country's national economic policy make it difficult to provide large-scale economic modeling and projections. However, the UNDP says that "some assumptions are clear".

“Some assumptions are clear, such as the freezing of Afghanistan's foreign reserves held in Western countries, a growing trade imbalance, stagnant private economic initiatives and over-indebtedness that cannot be repaid. "

For Kanni Wignaraja, Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and director of the UNDP regional office for Asia and the Pacific, humanitarian and economic crises are compounded by "a total collapse of development", in a context of pandemic and prolonged drought. She fears a "rapid and catastrophic deterioration in the lives of the most vulnerable people in Afghanistan".

“Half the population is already in need of humanitarian aid. This analysis suggests that we are on the right track for a rapid and catastrophic deterioration in the lives of Afghanistan's most vulnerable people. "

UNDP offers a set of interventions designed to help improve the immediate living conditions of the most vulnerable people and communities, prioritizing safeguarding the rights of women and girls.

Kanni Wignaraja calls on "the international community to launch a response commensurate with the magnitude of the crisis in Afghanistan".

“A transition to new authorities, a pandemic, a drought, a winter season ahead - each of them alone would already be a major challenge. Taken together, they form a crisis that demands urgent action. This program aims to help improve the lives of the most vulnerable, while reducing displacement which could further exacerbate the situation. "


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