9 ways to anticipate change

Evelyne Chappuis, professional coach, has moved twelve times, to three different countries, and changed jobs six times. It gives us some ideas to prepare for change and meet the challenges. File: Long live the change!

1. The Bible is our first ally in the face of change. Luke 14: 28-32 calls us to think about the implications of change; Prov. 12, 15 to listen to the advice of those around us; Ps. 25 to pray for the direction to follow and Jn. 17, 9 to trust the Author of change.

2. Our personal relationship with God and the assurance that he is our Shepherd in all circumstances allow us to step out of our comfort zone, not to fear the new and to grow through it.

3. "I think I can say, by grace, that places are only different for me in the absence or presence of God," said famous missionary Hudson Taylor. At all times, finding your joy in the service of God allows you to feel in your place.

4. Faced with a consequent change, three questions can help to apprehend reality and to be better equipped to face it: what is the nature of the change? What is going or happened? What touches me and what do I feel? What do I gain and what do I lose?

5. Any change leads to a loss of balance or reassuring habits. Remembering a situation where the balance was beneficial allows us to discern the elements that favored this balance. It is therefore important to find some of these elements to better experience the change.

6. When change weakens, we can rely on what is stable and enduring: our gifts, our values, our relationships, our convictions. Ask yourself the question "What is the common thread of my existence?" " can be useful.

7. Our resistance to change is part of the process. By detecting them, it will be possible to make them allies because they hide latent resources to emerge.

8. Change can be experienced as an injustice. In order not to settle into the position of victim, it is a matter of seeking the leeway or "power" that we have in our new situation.

9. When everything seems to collapse, this maxim can open us to another vision of things: "What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, others call it butterfly."

And the change in motherhood?

Can we prepare to become a mom? Motherhood is first and foremost an experience to be lived, where you learn and grow at the same time as your child. Some tips from early childhood educator Sandra.

To prepare mentally ...

Becoming a parent is a kind of "Copernican revolution": because of the baby's total dependence, the mother and the father are led to put their needs behind those of their child. And contrary to the cliché, we do not always float in happiness the first weeks, because of hormonal changes, interrupted nights, the feeling of responsibility… Knowledge allows us to relativize and take one day after another. Another important point, even if breastfeeding is natural, it is a harmony to find with the baby. Preparing her breasts by rubbing them with a sponge cloth is sometimes recommended. It is above all a question of arming yourself with patience.

To prepare spiritually ...

It is above all about placing your trust in God for all stages of pregnancy and birth. You can also bless your child, talk to him and sing songs to him. And also ask God for the capacity to accept and love the child as he / she is, because the "real" baby does not necessarily correspond in all points to the "imaginary" baby.

To prepare practically ...

Preparing balanced meals and freezing them in advance will be a welcome initiative when you feel overwhelmed. Do not hesitate to contact a midwife and meet her before the birth. Her visits and advice before and after the birth will be of great comfort. Establishing a list of relatives available to take over from the baby in the event of severe fatigue or for a romantic date can really bring relief.

Sandrine Roulette

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