8 concrete ways to share the Gospel

It is sought after as one seeks the Grail: All Christians, ministers of worship, people who live in an environment that does not know God, dream of it: finding a way to proclaim the Gospel that would work "every time. ".

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Lhe mandate of Christians is to proclaim the Gospel. The Bible states it in Acts 1: 8:


“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and throughout Judea, and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. "

But the Bible does not provide a single model for proclaiming the Gospel. On the contrary !
The Apostle Paul himself said that whatever the method, as long as the gospel is preached (Philippians 1:18).

Among the multitude of ways to proclaim the Gospel around you, we offer 8 (+ 1 gift to download at the end of the article). Will you find the one that suits you the most?

1 - Influencing slowly, in everyday life
It's pretty simple, but it requires a long-term commitment.
This mode of proclaiming the Gospel is more of a guiding thread in our interpersonal relationships. We are in the long relationship. Without hiding your faith, but without talking about it every day either, it is about showing those around you, friends, neighbors, what it is to live as a Christian. And be available for the day the person has questions or a specific need related to faith. You might be the only Bible they'll ever read.

2 - Go frontally
This procedure should be applied rather when the probability of seeing the person again is quite low. When you feel something specific for her, a love that boils, a desire not to see her go far from God ... In this situation, you quickly get to the heart of the matter. The person's need and the message of the cross are directly announced. Straight to the point, no detour, direct demonstration of the state of the sinner, of the destiny of the soul and of salvation through the death of Jesus.
Be careful, however, to remain wise. It would not be about undermining the work of those with a softer approach.

3 - Impregnate the crop to fertilize the soil
This is typically what the media want to do, people in the information, communication, leisure and entertainment professions. The goal is to make the gospel visible. To stop passing it systematically under the radar of the media presence. For this, the support of the Christian community is important. When a magazine or a book about the Christian faith is distributed on newsstands or bookstores, buying it is telling distributors that there is a market. Ditto for films when they go out to the cinema. Or the multitude of Christian concerts. And if there is a market, they will offer more. And if they offer more, the population gradually becomes aware that the Christian faith is not a marginal phenomenon but a real component of society. Christians have this responsibility to prime the pump for the future benefit of those who do not yet know the gospel message. These are consumer behaviors or even “activism” that must be adopted.

4 - Announce “classically” at church
Sermons, homilies, Bible studies, and all church activities are all opportunities to proclaim and “dig” the Gospel. Weddings and funerals are key moments, in key places, where the preaching of the Gospel has its place.

5 - Be present on the internet
Visiting Christian sites means telling Google that this or that site has special relevance. And thus participate in making it go up in the search results.
Sharing, in all wisdom and measure, publications (clips, articles, quotes) accessible to our friends who do not know God on social networks, it is a way of showing that we are like them, with something more !

6 - Preaching through collective action
In Valence (France) for example, the churches of the region unite once a year to offer a giant barbecue to all passers-by who want it, in a shopping square in the city. The opportunity to simply show the generosity inherent in the Gospel.
In many cities, churches also organize the Christmas of the Heart, on the evening of December 24, to offer a real Christmas Eve to all those who wish it. If field relations are properly forged during the year, public social organizations are generally benevolent and willingly send their beneficiaries to this type of initiative.

7 - Go to meet people at the key moments of their existence
Many of them target people specifically in places where times are conducive to deep reflection. When people are at the crossroads of their life, traveling, on the move, openness to spiritual questions is stronger.
Thus, the chaplains of the Armies, airports, prisons, hospitals, or the Gideons who deposit the Bibles in hotel rooms, have this role of going to be these attentive witnesses at the right time, in the right place.

8 - Making the Gospel tangible through miracles and healings
To see a sick person, to pray for him and to see his healing.
Consider that the Gospel must be preached at all costs, regardless of favorable or unfavorable circumstances. Refuse to cede an ounce of ground to the enemy. This is the formula of those who have evangelism in their blood.

To find out more about a direct preaching of the Gospel driven by the desire to save souls, we offer you this excerpt from Samuel Grondin's book “Preaching the Gospel”. You can download it here.

Pascal Portoukalian

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