6 years old, she lives with her heart outside her chest and places her trust in Jesus!


Virsaviya survived his illness! But how long will she survive it? To enable her to live a normal life, an operation is offered by a doctor at the Boston Children's Hospital. This operation aims to reintegrate his heart into his rib cage.

DAri Boom, Virsaviya's mother, has launched several media campaigns to try to raise funds for the operation, ie € 91. A report on the NBC000 channel in the USA has been seen over 6 million times and has moved the USA.
For Professor Philippe Acar, President of the Pediatric Cardiology Subsidiary:

"It's a disease that was first described only about fifty years ago," he explains. This syndrome results from a herniation of the abdominal wall and this is why the heart is not inside the rib cage. This is why it is apparent ”. In addition, it is a disease that we do not cure spontaneously, he continues. “To try to put the heart back inside the rib cage, you have to go through a very large operation where you have to redo all the musculature of the middle part of the body. And it is a very complex surgery, in particular because of its rarity ”.

A crowdfunding campaign was set up to pay for medical treatment due to her operation. Many people were touched by this little girl's story and her statements:

“My heart is here. It's outside my chest and I really love my mom, she always loved touching my heart ”.

For Dari Boom, the fact that his little girl is alive is a miracle. She and her daughter are Christians, they place their hope in Jesus. This little girl said:

“I know why my heart is out, it's because Jesus wants to show that he can do special things like me. "


source: Le Figaro

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