6 Easy Ways To Encourage Your Pastor In 2016!

Many pastors love their jobs and have lots of friends, not all of them are lonely and depressed! But many are. The call to pastor a local church is emotionally, spiritually, and even physically very trying.

then what can we do? How can we encourage the leaders of our local churches? How can we show them that we appreciate them and encourage them to fulfill the call that God has given them?

1. Pray for him

What better way to uplift your pastors than by approaching the throne of grace with confidence? Take time, regularly, each day, to pray for the men and women who lead your church. The Lord hears the prayers of His people and He takes care of the leaders of His people.

2. Write him encouraging letters

We love to receive encouraging letters from people. Letters of encouragement, written by hand, are treasures of encouragement. What can you write? Thank your pastor for his dedication, tell him how the Lord used him to bless you, give him an encouraging verse from the Bible.

3. Serve in the church

Churches are always looking for new volunteers. Volunteer people are so appreciated especially to take care of the children or the daycare. How could you encourage your pastor through service? Sign up where there is need, be faithful in your service, just ask your pastor how you can help!

4. Give generously

“Giving” is always a touchy subject in churches. The pastor does not want to appear to be campaigning for a higher salary and sometimes the church may not even want to give more than necessary… Pastors are not in the ministry for money and if it is if so, they will be very disappointed! Encourage your pastors by giving generously, and view your offering as an act of praise, not as a subsidy for the pastor's salary.

5. Encourage their family

We know that the burden of running a church can affect a pastor, but it can just as easily affect his whole family. The pastoral ministry is a family affair even if the pastor is the only one of his family to work and to be employed in the church. Evenings, weekends, hourly phone calls, visitation requests affect the pastor's entire family. Encourage the pastor's family with loving kindness and encouraging words.

6. Speak well of the church

One of the most disheartening things about ministry is hearing people talk badly about each other and bad talk about the church. Do not slander about the bride of Christ. The body of Christ is made of wounds because it is made of wounded people. Do not add salt to these wounds. Speak of the bride of Christ as you would like to be spoken of your spouse.


source: Christianity Today

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