53 years were needed for Justo to build this cathedral

This extraordinary cathedral, built almost exclusively from recycled materials, has grown steadily over the past 53 years, in a quiet area of ​​Madrid. Justo Gallego, this nonagenarian, born in 1925, known under the name of Don Justo, worked on the construction of the building almost alone, after having been forced to leave his Benedictine monastery due to tuberculosis. He had promised to build a cathedral, if he survived.

UOnce he got back on his feet, Don Justo therefore devoted his life to building a church on his own land, using his own money. This large-scale building is almost entirely constructed from salvaged materials. Almost 40 meters high for an area of ​​several thousand m2. Cloister, baptistery, dome, crypt… Nothing is missing!

“When I started out they called me crazy in the streets… They didn't think I would be so devoted… I proved they were wrong. It makes me happy that they see what a man can do when he believes in Christ! "

Over time, his nephews and an assistant eventually accompanied him in his business. The building only needs a few finishing touches… A roof, windows and a building permit!

“I don't want anything, I don't want money. It is impossible for me to finish the cathedral because there is still a lot to do… I hope that when I leave in the hand of God, someone will finish my cathedral. "

The Municipality of Madrid tolerates the existence of the building despite the lack of a permit. The church, which was not designed to plan or by an architect, could even host celebrations if, however, Don Justo or his successor obtained the necessary authorizations from the architects.

Watch the video dedicated to Justo Gallego.



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