[Opinion] 5 tips to keep your couple in love!

Young couples very in love, couples in difficulty, single people planning one day to form a couple: this article is for you!

If you ask people who have aged happy and fulfilled together what has been decisive in the success of their married life, the chances are strong that they will give you these few points. It's up to you (and a gift for you at the end of the article!)

1 - Respect your differences!
Monsieur is not Madame, Madame is not Monsieur. You entered the couple each with your history, your past, your feelings. And also your opinions.
There are of course areas that must be decided together. But what to do when you don't agree? Well, quite simply: agree that you will not agree on everything. It happens. This is what makes us human. And if it is sometimes necessary to decide in favor of the opinion of one or the other, be sure to be balanced: that it is not always the same one who makes the concessions.

2 - Plan to set up a date
A date is a time apart, regular, planned, during which the couple will meet again. Alone, without the children, the members of the couple make sure to cut off the phone and avoid discussions revolving around work, to really dedicate this moment to meeting and mutual (re) discovery. It is a moment that is defined in the agenda, during which the couple agrees not to make another appointment. This time may vary from period to period. It can be Thursday between noon and two, Saturday evening, Wednesday morning, it doesn't matter: the important thing is to dedicate this moment to the other and to your couple.

3 - Surprise!
Surprising, isn't this what can arouse curiosity, the desire to surpass oneself, to discover new territories? Surprise by organizing an event or preparing your favorite dish.
And even if your couple loves routine above all else, surprise, it may just be to do, for once, that household chore usually done by the other. Or let him / her sleep an extra hour when he / she is tired. Anything that will make you a little more “special” in her eyes!

4 - restore trust when it has been broken
Trusting yourself cannot be decreed, it is won. It is said that trust is built drop by drop and is lost by buckets. Have you betrayed your spouse's trust? So make every effort to win it back! During a period defined together, give him access to your e-mail box, your SMS, your call and browsing history, your trouser pockets. Let him / her gradually regain faith in you, in your word. This is the price to pay to restore confidence.

5 - Maintain the feeling of love
You don't water a plant until it wilts. We maintain it regularly, by watering it, removing dried flowers, cleaning the leaves, treating diseases, adjusting its sun / shade exposure, adapting the size of the pot, ... Your couple does not deserve- is it not infinitely better than a plant?

Many other tips, practical and effective await you. Discover them here before Wednesday April 14 at 19 p.m. !

Pascal Portoukalian

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