5 ideas for a great vacation with your teenagers

As summer vacation begins, many parents are no doubt wondering what to do with their teens?

Cow can they make their vacations more enjoyable, interesting and rewarding? The time spent with our teens plays an essential role in making them independent and responsible adults. Kristine Brown, writer and founder of the NGO more than yourself, offers 5 tips to manage the delicate period of school holidays.

  1. Don't turn off the alarm clock, readjust it

Several parents deactivate the alarm at the start of the vacation. Giving children a few extra hours of sleep doesn't mean letting them sleep as much as they want or shifting their sleep cycle to the extreme! It is important to keep the routine while giving them the necessary rest to stay in shape. Children and teens need 8-10 hours of sleep per day. It would therefore be wise to establish a limit with them.

  1. Make a daily to-do list without overdoing it

In general, children are not fans of chores! However, it is necessary to keep them occupied for the day. This is why it can be interesting to make a list of 2 or 3 things to do, so that they do not feel overwhelmed before they even start, but that they remain confronted with the reality of everyday life. Including things that interest them (which requires the use of computers for example) will make it even easier for them to accomplish.

  1. Reward them without spending a lot

Spending tends to be higher during school holidays. It is possible to reward their efforts, encourage them and show them our satisfaction. How do you do this without spending too much? Maybe by letting him invite a friend over to the house, by renting a VOD, or by allowing him to prepare a special menu ...

  1. Let them once in a while have fun all night long

Even if it is essential to respect the hours of sleep, from time to time we can give them a small infraction. Kristine offers a few examples such as pitching a tent in the garden, or having a movie night at home with friends.

  1. Look for accessible volunteer opportunities

It would be a rewarding experience and a real blessing for your child to be of service to those around him. If you give him the opportunity to choose, it will make things more interesting for him because young people like to have their opinions considered. Perhaps short-term commitments would be more effective, such as taking out the elderly neighbor's trash, looking after a neighbor's dog who is going on vacation ...


source: Crosswalk.com

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