5 gifts I found during my celibacy

Blogger Lindsay Swartz wrote an open-hearted text in which she tells how, despite the difficulty of celibacy, she found in Jesus what she calls gifts.

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Awhen i don't like being single, there are lots of things i hope i learned while i was single. If you are in this unwanted season of celibacy, here are some tips for you to also discover those gifts that I have discovered throughout this time of loneliness.

  • Take advantage of having more time to stay with the Lord

Many of my married friends and relatives complain about a busy schedule. If singles are also busy, they experience fewer various constraints and can organize their schedules so that they spend more time in prayer and meditation on the Word of God.

  • Take advantage of your freedom to seize unique opportunities

Pay attention to opportunities. Travel, volunteering, professional opportunities, humanitarian… There are so many things that are possible in this period and that become difficult to accomplish once you have a family responsibility. Enjoy it!

  • Take advantage of the multitude of relationships

In this period of celibacy, I have met a wide variety of people in various contexts. It truly is a blessing to make connections with all kinds of people and to be open to difference.

  • Benefit from investing time in deep relationships

Welcoming, helping, accompanying… I spent time blessing families, couples of friends, isolated people during my celibacy. Time is precious, and dedicating it to deeper relationships has turned into a blessing for those around me, as well as for me.

  • Take the opportunity to think big and say big prayers

As long as I breathe, I will continue to make great prayers to the Lord, in order to see my desires come true. Delighting in the Lord does not mean that he will satisfy our every desire, but neither do I want to die thinking that I did not get, because I did not ask.

Satisfy us every morning with your goodness, and we will be all our lives in joy and gladness.
Psalm 90: 14

Freely adapted from the text by Lindsay Swartz, published on trillianewbell.

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