5 statements from Justin Bieber about his Christian faith

Justin Bieber turned 22 on March XNUMX, after so much trouble with drugs and drunk driving he seems to want to change and turn to Jesus.

Ithe long shared on his personal faith and his desire to live like Jesus in an interview given to Complex. He was more involved with his church to the point of making the trip to Australia for a conference at Hillsong Church.

We've picked 5 great quotes from Justin Bieber about his faith for you.

I pray when I go to bed. I pray during the day, when I have a problem or when I want to thank him for everything he has done for me. Without God, I wouldn't be where I am. He blessed me with talent and opportunity. And I think there's a reason I'm here. Radio Time - February 2016

I feel invincible because nothing is greater than God. If God is with what will be against me? It helped me in a lot of situations when I felt judged. It gives you confidence without that confidence being arrogant. It is divine trust. Complex - September 2015

In religion you present yourself as a saint and bring your offerings to God for God to bless you while the main point in a relationship with God should be, "I am going to do this because he loves me." I am going to do this because it is extraordinary and not because I have to do it but because I want to do it. This is the problem with religion and it scares a lot of people away. It shouldn't be “you have to” but more like a personal relationship: “I love you because you loved me first. »Complex - September 2015

I feel I have a duty to plant little seeds with my fans. I'm not going to tell them "You need Jesus" but at the end of the show I will tell them "God loves you". Rolling Stone - February 2011

I am not religious and I do not think I have understood anything that is why I ask God to help me in what I cannot do on my own. Developing my personal relationship with God is the coolest thing I have experienced. I know that I am not alone and that I do not have to live in fear. Never think I want to force anything on you, I just want to share what's going on in my life. Instagram - May 2015


source: Christian today

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