5 consequences of pornography on the life of a couple

Here are 5 consequences of pornography on the life of a couple.

Vviewing pornographic content is far from trivial. These videos will have an impact not only on the viewer, but also on their family. According to Alexis Rapin, psychiatrist and sexologist, “the damage caused by pornography is not something new that we would learn today through this study. We have already seen this in our consultations for a very long time ”.

Sexual violence
Susan Brownmiller, a reference in “rape culture” explains that “contempt for women is at the heart of contemporary pornography”. In the majority of pornographic films, women experience physical and verbal abuse. Thérèse Hargot speaks about the effects of the "hypersexualized" society:

"We have become accustomed to 'dehumanizing women and men, making the firsts bait and the second pigs that can be made to swallow anything", an acculturation allowed by "millions of hours of pornographic videos [...] consumed by barely pubescent adolescents, what am I saying, children giving free rein to sexual impulses which, however, require education to live in society. "


For the brain, the easier the pleasure is to obtain, the more it will tend to seek the behavior which was at the origin. In the face of pornography, addiction sets in. According to Alexis Rapin, it is the same phenomenon as for substance addictions. And in the face of addiction, another inclination takes place: the need to go beyond limits. By repeatedly viewing pornographic content, the person develops a tolerance for the content which will lead to a need to exceed limits. These people are moving towards more and more extreme content.

“The reality is then often very tasteless for these people, this one no longer finding its way between their sexual imagination and the reality of their codes of sexual attraction. "


BJ Foster, from All Pro Dad, talks about the consequences of pornography in this area. The way we look at us locks us in a feeling of emotional insecurity.

“Husband's use of porn validates all the negative things his wife thinks about herself. If only she looked different, if she had lost weight, if she was blonde, sexy, wore better clothes or held her waist well, all the things that flooded her brain and, most importantly, his heart. In the end, she feels like she isn't up to the job. " 


People often view pornography as an escape from their reality. CBN talks about this vicious cycle: I don't feel good about my life, so I watch porn to escape my reality, but what I watch makes my life tasteless, so I watch porn again ... Zachary Horner puts it this way:

“Fighting pornography doesn't make you a bad person. It just means that you have a struggle to contend with, as well as some bad behavior that you need to work on and take care of. We are not defined by one of our actions. "


Product University of Oklahoma researchers reveal that the divorce rate is twice as high among people who view pornography than among those who do not.

Edward L. Winkfield refers to pornography as an "extramarital affair":

“Some people make the mistake of seeing pornography as an innocent alternative to an extramarital affair. Yet studies on the brain have shown that the mind does not easily differentiate such real experiences from imaginary experiences. Therefore, for the brain, there is hardly any difference between viewing pornographic material and actually having sex with another person, especially when recalling the experience. "


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