44 organizations call on Xi Jinping for release of Christian journalist Zhang Zhan

"In the name of basic human dignity, we ask you, Mr. President, to grant Zhang Zhan the opportunity to see his parents again by exercising the power conferred on you by Article 80 of the Chinese Constitution and ensuring that she be released before it's too late. "

Zhang Zhan is a Christian journalist and lawyer, who had traveled to Wuhan to cover the subject of the Covid-19 epidemic. In May 2020, after posting a critical video on China's response to the pandemic, she was missing, before being tried in December 2020, then taken into custody for "causing quarrels and causing unrest."

Sentenced to four years in prison, the Christian journalist started a hunger strike in June 2021. This summer, we told you about critical condition she was in.

There are now 44 non-governmental organizations, among which China Aid, Amnesty International, the Chinese Human Rights Defenders, or the International Federation of Journalists who wrote to Chinese President Xi Jinping to demand the release and exoneration of Zhang Zhan, "who suffers from a critical state of health and may die soon if she remains in detention ”.

These NGOs specify that “the simple three-hour procedure” which led to the journalist's judgment, “did not respect international fair trial standards”.

"In her indictment, prosecutors accused her, without providing any evidence, of having published large amounts of 'false information' and accused her of accepting interviews from foreign media, which did not is by no means a wrongdoing. Zhang Zhan did not plead guilty to any alleged crime and demonstrated his innocence with a hunger strike which led to his deteriorating health. "

The organizations claim that Zhang Zhan is now seriously ill. It is "in the name of fundamental human dignity" that they ask Xi Jinping, "to grant Zhang Zhan the possibility of seeing her parents again" and to release her "before it is too late".


Image: Screenshot / YouTube

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