43 ISIS hostages freed in Syria

marilene 2A year ago, at dawn, ISIS launched a terrible offensive along the Khabour River in northeastern Syria, spreading terror in 35 predominantly Christian villages. Appalling toll of the attack: hundreds of fleeing families and 253 Christians (mostly women and children) taken hostage by extremists.

Lon February 22, after too long months of mediation, the last 43 hostages are released. Tamras, Ramy, Munira, Najat, Clara, Khatoun, Ninor, Zia and all the others were able to find their relatives. From March 1, and over the months, 250 hostages have been released. But 3 others had been shot in a deserted place on Eid day.

For each, ISIS demanded a ransom of $ 50. An account was opened to collect the money, which arrived from all over the world. The ransom could thus be partially paid, allowing a happy outcome for these last 000 hostages.

In the midst of a dramatic situation, Pastor Edward, in Damascus, recognizes:

“I want to express my deep gratitude to Christians around the world who carry us Christians in Syria in their prayers. Your prayers encourage us and, in turn, we encourage other Syrians. "

The Damascus regime accepted the ceasefire proposed by Washington and Moscow. It will begin on February 27 at midnight and will not concern the terrorist organizations Islamic State and Front Al-Nosra, the branch of Al-Qaida in Syria.


Photo credit : Open doors, Aina

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