4 lessons from 2 Chronicles 20

We can find four lessons to be learned from 2 Chronicles 20.

Pfirst, it shows us that we can still live righteously and face enemies who yearn to attack us. In our time, it may not be a group of people who want to conquer us. It can be any distraction or state of mind that distracts our attention from God. I have struggled with the fear of rejection for years and if I am not aware of it it can control my perception of myself, others and God. Most of us have hearts that yearn to live righteously, but we struggle with the things that stand in our way. It could be old habits, thought patterns, or anything that goes against the righteousness of God.

Secondly, we have to seek god. If our heart looks for it first when we are faced with
problems, we are more likely to get the help we need when we need it. Seeking God First helps us keep him and his wonderful deeds at the forefront of our minds. Jehoshaphat didn't start his prayer by telling God he needed help. He began his prayer with the greatness and power of God. It honors the Lord and reminds Him and His people of what God is capable of. He then brought their problems to the Lord. We can mold our prayers for help based on this.

Thirdly, we have to believe in god. If people had not believed in God, their results would have been different. God gave three messages to his people. They had the choice to believe it or not. The Lord told them not to be afraid or to be discouraged in the face of their enemies because the battle is not theirs, it is God's. Then he told them where they could find the enemy and that they should march towards the army which outnumbered them. When they got there, instead of fighting, they had to take their position, hold it and see their deliverance. Isn't it against our nature to fight or do something? But the people believed in God and saw his deliverance. We can when we believe.

Fourth, we need to tap into the power of praise in our lives. When did the Lord act on their behalf in 2 Chronicles 20? When they went out singing and praising. The praise of the Lord reveals our faith and unleashes his power. When we praise the Lord with our voice, we are reminded of the incredible love and goodness of God. It takes our eyes off our situation and sets them firmly on God. Our praising voices help us rest in him as he leads our battles.

The battle belongs to God.

The battle is not yours. . . it is that of God. He wants to do a powerful job in your life when you seek him out, believe in him, and praise him. It is for you and not against you. Do you want to stand in front of him, search for his face, and then do as he says?

Jessica Van Roekel

Article reproduced in part and translated from the site Crosswalk.

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