25 Christian hostages have just been freed in Syria by the Islamic State

The Vatican news agency Fides reports that the jihadists of the Islamic State (IS) released 9 Assyrian Christians on December 2015, 25.

CThe hostages were captured on February 23 during a series of attacks by the Islamic State against Christian villages in the Khabur valley in Hasakè province, in the northeast of the country. During these attacks thousands of people were driven from 35 villages and 253 people were captured.

At the beginning of October, 3 of these hostages had been executed by the IS with the threat of executing more if a ransom of 2.5 million dollars was not paid.

A spokesperson for the group investing in the release of the hostages reported:

“This release was made possible thanks to the Assyrian Church in Eastern Syria who made extraordinary efforts and will continue these efforts day and night until the release of all the hostages. "

According to an Assyrian source, all the released hostages are from Tel Tamir in the Hasake region, all are Christians. 14 are from Tel Shamiran village, 11 of them from Tel Jazyra and the last one from Qabir Shamiyya. According to this same source all the freed hostages are men. Two of them boys aged 7 and 11. They are quite healthy.


sources: Fides et Europe Newsweek

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