20 years ago, the monks of Tibhirine were kidnapped and killed by Islamists

Today, a week does not go by without Islamist attacks. Anonymous people have their future or worse their lives stolen. Homage to the seven monks of Tibhirine who had already given their lives to God and to the Algerian population, before being killed.

C 'was 20 years ago. The film “Men and Gods”, published in 2010, relates the commitment of these men who had chosen the Cistercian monastery of Tibhirine in the Atlas Mountains, not to cut themselves off from the world, but to serve it.

Seven Christians kidnapped and killed, the fact repeated so often and often with much higher numbers, that it has almost become commonplace today. These men were a beautiful Christian witness in the midst of the local Muslim population whom they served fraternally in different ways. When they were personally threatened, they refused to return to Europe. They have freely chosen to continue to carry out their ministry without special protection.

There remain gray areas in the police investigation which is still not finalized. But the whole world has read and heard their testimonies.

They were determined to go to the end with their Lord, and in fraternity with the Algerian population, even until martyrdom if he presented himself. And he introduced himself ...

These seven brothers are a testimony and an encouragement to many even today.

“The story of Brother Luc helps me a lot in my practice: if he succeeded in working in this community, why not me? "

Thus testifies Martin, African student in sixth year of dental surgery in Blida, when he feels rejected by some patients because he is not Algerian.

Tribute to Christian, Christophe, Michel, Célestin, Bruno, Paul and Luc (the brother doctor).

Elisabeth dugas

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