20-year-old Dutch rape victim allowed to be euthanized

In recent months, the foreign press has revealed to us abusive cases of euthanasia in countries which have legalized the practice.

C'is the case of this 20-year-old Dutch girl who received the authorization to be euthanized, because of suffering linked to the trauma of several rapes suffered between her 5 years and 15 years. Bruised, this young girl cannot rebuild herself. In the Netherlands several cases have been reported and are currently under investigation.

In Belgium, two 45 year old twin brothers were euthanized, they advanced psychological disorders related to their disability, the loss of sight which was unbearable for them. There is still this 44 woman years, suffering from anorexia and citing psychiatric disorder, which got to end his life.

These "various facts" which shake our conscience, are read more and more in the newspapers. Anyone, young or old, no longer finding their place in society, isolated from the family, or even lacking the strength to fight trauma, could ask for help to end this hopeless life.

It is not without recalling that in 1939, under the name "Operation T4", Hitler organized a vast program of euthanasia against fragile and defenseless populations, such as the mentally retarded, people suffering from disease. physical, people with major or minor disabilities ...

If the adage " As long as there is life, there is hope »Is no longer successful, this practice does not leave us indifferent, because it is not without consequences.

Life is no longer a gift from God but a right. Some individuals see it as a marketing object over which the individual has control from conception to death. My body belongs to me, my breath of life belongs to me. What contempt for creation!

God reminds us in Ecclesiastes 8-8:

“Man is not master of his breath to be able to hold it, and he has no power over the day of his death. "

Dominic L.

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