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Hello from Cambodia!

You are about to embark on 20 days that could change the course of your life. Literally.

While reading a newspaper recently (there are still some who read the newspapers!) I came across this surprising article: "The artist Abraham Poincheval came out of the rock in which he had locked himself for eight days on Wednesday, 'a little stunned. 'in his own words. The 44-year-old performer slipped a week ago into a small room in the shape of a seated man, dug out of a block of Volvic stone. Poncheval had already spent eight days in a hole, under a one-ton stone. "

And the media almost made him a hero!

And I think of all these real heroes, these people who have other things to do than shut themselves up for eight days in a stone or in a hole! In the space of eight days, these men and women have already rescued children from the clutches of slavery. In eight days they have already traveled long distances to present Christ to those who do not know Him. In eight days, they have already visited prisoners forgotten at the back of a prison cell. In eight days, they had spent hours in the hospital, at the bedside of a dying man.

You can of course lock yourself in a rock, in a bubble, folded up on yourself. But you can also decide to get out of your comfort, your beach and get involved alongside those who change the world.

Each day, over the next 3 weeks, you will discover how your gifts, your talents and your time in the service of the essential will allow you not to regret the only life that God has given you.

You will discover exciting stories that will inspire you and get you started too!

After reading the book "Quit the Page!" », Hundreds of young and old are today engaged in an adventure of faith that they would never have imagined. Some are on the other side of the world, in the deep waters of the mission. They don't regret getting on the boat!

Every day, for 20 days, you will receive in your mailbox an excerpt from the book, short testimonials from readers who have chosen to leave the beach and a question to help you in your reflection.

Getting off the beach will probably be the best decision you'll ever make. To start, it's very simple, click on the button below and enter your first name and your email. You will receive your first email today!

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Timothy Paton

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