10 ways to respond well to criticism

We all face criticism at one point or another in our lives. The criticism is sometimes justified and founded. Sometimes it is not.

Cow to react to criticism, whether it is fair or not? How not to add to the confusion, leaving room for anger, bitterness, justification, argument? Mark Altrogge offers 10 ways to react when we are under criticism for what we do, or even for what we are.

1. Listen to criticism

Even if they seem unfair or untrue, take the time to listen to them in silence, and to understand them before considering any reaction.

2. Don't rush to answer

Anger might win out. Too often it wins out, because being caught out or being wrongly accused always generates a lot of emotions, instability and frustration. And the mixture of feelings can lead you to say things that you might regret. Take the time to think.

3. Be slow to anger

God is slow to anger towards us. It is good to develop this attitude of the heart.

4. Don't try to do yourself justice

Jesus himself was silent when he was falsely accused.

5. Give a gentle response

"A gentle answer calms fury," says the proverbs (15 Proverbs: 1).

6. Consider what might be true in this review

The Lord may be trying to speak to you through this critical person. Is she qualified or does she ultimately have the legitimacy to bring you an opinion?

7. Remember the cross

Turn to God who accepts you in Jesus as you are, despite your faults and sins. Come back to the cross ...

8. Consider that you may not have a clear view of things

This person might be seeing something that you don't see yourself. It is sometimes difficult to take a step back from a situation or an event, and witnesses sometimes have a more accurate vision of what is happening. Pay attention, and let yourself be guided if you feel this is the case.

9. Take advice from other people

“Wisdom is in the great number of counselors! So don't hesitate to ask for advice and surround yourself well before reacting.

10. Pray and ask God for his wisdom

"I will educate you and show you the way you should go. I will advise you, I will have my eyes on you. "
Psalm 32: 8


First published on May 17, 2017

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