10 wife behaviors (sometimes unconscious) that harm the couple

10 wife behaviors (sometimes unconscious) that harm the couple

Pour Lindsey Maestas, just as women need to be loved, so men need to feel respected. This Christian journalist shares the 10 ways in which wives disrespect their spouses, and harm their marriage, sometimes even without being aware of it.

1. Emotional manipulation

Sometimes a wife emotionally manipulates her husband through guilt, silence, tears or by posing ultimatums ... There is a difference between saying things to make your marriage grow and saying things in order to control your marriage. ! Share your emotions and feelings with him honestly through your words, without the will to control.

2. Mothering

Wives often tend to be 'motherly' towards their husbands, persuading them to adopt your beliefs. By believing that you are doing the right thing, you ignore that such an attitude is particularly harmful to your relationship. Indeed, you deprive the man of all his independence. You are called to fulfill the role of the wife and not that of the mother.

3. An angry or aggressive attitude

“Let every man be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to be angry; for the wrath of man does not bring about the righteousness of God. "
James 1: 19-20

It is the same in your relationship. Ladies, if you feel like you need to be alone after a quarrel before discussing it more calmly, isolate yourself! Anger and aggression will only make things worse.

4. Suspicion and lack of confidence

Confidence is a very delicate subject, especially in a relationship. The purpose of any marriage is to stand firm no matter what. There is no point in saying or doing things to make the other person feel guilty, just because you are suspicious! If you find it difficult to trust your husband, pray for his heart and entrust him to God in the first place. You may want to talk to a counselor or a couple who can help you.

5. Negative criticism

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue; Whoever loves it will eat the fruits of it. "
18 Proverbs: 21

If you spend the majority of your time criticizing his faults instead of emphasizing his good qualities, he will obviously feel like he is not doing good enough for you. Your words have the power to destroy or strengthen it. Replacing criticism with compliments will strengthen your relationship.

6. Discrediting one's spouse in public

It often happens that wives undermine the credibility and authority of their husbands, especially in their role as fathers. Children tend to doubt their father's authority and do not give him the respect he deserves. Such an attitude gives rise to conflicts within the household and the man will tend to be freed from his parental obligations. You are in the same team and must therefore advance as such.

7. Covet other men and get into a game of seduction

A woman who covets or flirts secretly or openly with other men is committing an act of adultery in the sight of God. She shames her husband and humiliates him. This lack of respect also creates a feeling of insecurity in the heart of the spouse. By accepting him as your husband, you have become his half and together you are one.

8. Feed the grudge

Women often keep a secret list of the bad things their husbands do instead of talking about it openly and clearing it up. Unconsciously you are holding back a certain bitterness and bitterness inside you. This is how past arguments resurface in a current argument, and it hurts your whole household.

9. Provocation

Ladies, do you say or do things to provoke your husband in order to get his attention or see his reaction? Taunt is defined as "a remark made for the purpose of irritating, hurting or provoking someone". Remember that you are a team and such an attitude will not help you move forward, quite the contrary!

10. Envy other couples

Dear wives, the more you compare your marriage to that of others or your husband to other men, the more you deny each other the benefit of the gifts that God has placed in your path. Dissatisfaction, whether communicated or not, will make your husband feel like he needs to sort out this or that issue until he runs out of strength and chooses to give up.

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