10 man behaviors that make their wife think she is not loved

Many women feel self-conscious about their looks, and almost all of them attach great importance to how their husbands perceive them, and how they show that they are valuable to them.

MOlly Parker, editor for Anchored Press Devotional Planners and Sacred Holidays Bible studies, is also a mother. She shares the 10 ways a man makes his wife feel like she's ugly, without even saying a word.

“All resplendent is the king's daughter in the interior of the palace. She wears a garment of gold fabric. She is presented to the king, dressed in her embroidered clothes. "
Psalms 45: 14-15

Here are 10 male behaviors that make their wives think they don't like them.

  1. Be stingy with compliments

For a woman, her husband's opinion is worth gold. When she makes herself beautiful, she waits for the chosen one of her heart to compliment her. Otherwise, she may wonder about her appearance and wonder if her physique still pleases. When a woman's heart weighs heavy "a good word makes her glad". (12 Proverbs: 25)

  1. Have no photo of his wife

If a man openly asserts his love for his wife and finds ways to " reward her for the fruit of her labor ” (31 Proverbs: 31), a good idea is to keep a photo of her, on her phone or on her desk for example.

  1. Admire other women

If the husband spends his time admiring the women he meets, his will have the feeling of being unwanted, unable to compete with these 'perfect' looks. The husband will also have the feeling that his wife's physique no longer suits him. The Word of God is clear about this.

Anyone who looks at a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
Matthew 5: 28

  1. Never give gifts

There are many ways to show love to someone you love. Offering him small presents, a rose… is one of them. The bride will feel important and loved! But the greatest gift you can give your wife is your time! Such an attitude will in turn make her generous (11 Proverbs: 25). The poet Kahil Gibran wrote:

“You give little when you give away your possessions, it is by giving of yourself that you truly give. "

  1. Constantly worrying about your phone

We live in a world where men and women cling to their phones. If the husband chooses to take the first step by putting his phone down and paying more attention to his wife, she will not have the feeling of being invisible, but will feel pampered. A man has a duty to live with his wife "wisely," which means getting to know her, and the only way to know her is to limit distractions. (1 Stone 3: 7)

  1. Never cuddle

Women like to be cuddled with small gestures of love and attentions. However, when a man seeks only to satisfy his sexual desires, his wife feels like used because he sees in her only one function. But the husband who " gives his wife what he owes her, "  (1 Corinthians 7:3) is a man who knows how to make his wife look beautiful.

  1. Make her feel like she needs to lose weight

When a man eats the last cupcake to "help his wife lose weight" or puts her sneakers near the bed, his wife will think he finds her fat and ugly. A husband should be affectionate towards his wife whether she is thin or not. He will then see his wife's body as the most attractive of all and will be able to bring "(his) joy to the woman of (his) youth" (5 Proverbs: 18).

  1. Prefer spending time with friends

Everyone needs a little fresh air, a place to meet and chat with their friends… But when that place becomes an escape, it will obviously spark doubts in the wife's head. If you show your wife that her company is highly valued, it will only be good for your couple! If a man does his best and seeks God's help, he will one day be able to "enjoy life with the woman (whom he) loves, for all the days of (his) life" (Ecclesiastes 9: 9).

  1. Don't be "jealous"

Jealousy is not always a sin. If a husband catches another man flirting with his wife, he has every right to be jealous, just as God is when people and things take us away from him (Exodus 34: 14). By honoring and defending his wife, a man demonstrates his commitment and love to her.

  1. Speak more positively about other women than your own

When a wife hears her husband complimenting another woman with words like "gorgeous" or "brilliant" when he isn't using them for her, it is obvious that she will feel silly and ugly, especially if "Miss gorgeous ”and“ Miss brilliant ”are acquaintances. Every woman has something beautiful to offer. In a marriage, a woman feels unique when her husband thinks of her, that she "alone is my dove, my perfect" (Songs of Songs 6: 9).

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