10 habits of the happiest couples

The success of a couple is also played out in a multitude of daily details ...

Lbenevolence, listening, dialogue are at the center of any happy couple. But the little things of everyday life that come from it are just as important. We have identified ten that we invite you to discover or rediscover today… Let's face it, it never hurts to think about it again and do a little quick introspection!

Happy couples,

  1. give each other the benefit of the doubt
  2. compliment each other
  3. sometimes disagree but know how to discuss and debate with respect
  4. show affection in public places
  5. set aside time for themselves
  6. kiss to say goodbye or hello
  7. laugh
  8. do not expect the other to read minds, and know how to express their expectations
  9. talk about money
  10. focus on what they like about the other, not what they don't like

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